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Apartments for sale at Gdańsk – 2 Potoki Mieszkania na sprzedaż w Gdańsk – 2 Potoki

Investment description

2 Potoki is a set of cosy, modern buildings designed to provide comfort and safety of the future inhabitants. The housing estate is located in the southern part of Gdańsk, surrounded by greenery, hills and various recreation areas with two picturesque streams.

The three completed phases still offer finished apartments which can be handed over immediately. The 4th stage, which is currently under construction, consists of three four-storey buildings completing the settlement from the west. Apartments from the 4th stage will be ready in 2016.

Gdańsk, ul. Guderskiego/Leskiego


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Southern Gdańsk is the most dynamically developing district of the Tri-City with expanding housing development, trade and service infrastructure, road infrastructure and education facilities.

  • Walking distance areas
  • Public transport stops – 1 minute
  • Stores and shops – 1 minutes
  • Shopping mall and supermarket – 3 minutes
  • Walking and recreation areas – 2 minutes
  • School, post office – 15 minutes
  • Car access areas
  • Gdańsk city centre – 10 min
  • Sopot beach – 25 minutes
  • Gdynia city centre – 25 minutes
  • Ringroad – 2 minutes
  • PKM railway station – 5 minutes

The Gdańsk city centre is located only 4 km from the 2 Potoki investment. Organised and developed public transport - buses, tramway (2019) and two ringroads facilitate easy access to all cities and districts of the Tri-City. A1 highway, airport, seaports and sea beaches are all located within 25 minutes distance by car.


Apartments at the 2 Potoki investment are distinctive because of their fit-out standard with a very attractive price. Large selection of areas from 36 to 70 sq. m. includes finished apartments and apartments to be completed in 2016. The majority of apartments has separate kitchens and square sleeping rooms. Each apartment can be adjusted to the customer’s needs. All offered apartments meet the requirements of the FFY programme.

Apartments in the 2 Potoki investment mean:

  • Apartments ready for hand over
  • Subsidies from the public Flat for the Young (FFY) programme
  • Large areas for families with attractive prices
  • Sunny balconies and spacious gardens for ground floor apartments
  • Separate, bright kitchens
  • Living rooms and sleeping rooms shaped as square or rectangle for easier arrangement
  • Windows in two directions
  • Windows viewing natural greenery and moraine hills

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  • Opening hours
  • Mon - Fri: 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
  • Saturday: 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

Sales Office Manager

Sales Office Manager
  • Wiesława Kurpiewska
  • phone.: 505 241 482

Sales Managers

Sales Managers
  • Account Manager
  • Beata Ossowska
  • phone.: 515 115 130

Customer Service Office

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Interior Designer

  • Interior Designer
  • Dominika Galant
  • dyżur (wtorek i czwartek 13.30 - 16.00)


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