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The City Park investment located at ul. Żeligowskiego is one of the most interesting housing offers in the centre of Łódź. An elegant housing estate is fenced and supervised 24/7. This investment’s biggest advantages include excellent location and infrastructure, green patio with playground and spacious, two-level car park under the courtyard.

The offer includes the most attractive (32-81 sq. m.) areas of finished apartments in A5 building and apartments in A3 buildings scheduled for completion in Q1 2017.

Łódź, ul. Żeligowskiego 43


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City Park is a green oasis in the centre of Łódź. The investment’s location in the green part of ul. Żeligowskiego is an exceptional offer for the customers valuing comfortable city life, as well as safety, peace and quiet after work.

  • Walking distance areas
  • Public transport stops &ndash - 2 minutes
  • School, kindergarten, post office, medical clinic, swimming pool &ndash - 7-10 minutes
  • Walking areas &ndash - 4 minutes
  • Shopping mall and supermarket &ndash - 5 minutes
  • Car access areas
  • Łódź city centre &ndash - 5 minutes
  • Łódź Ringroad &ndash - 3 minutes
  • Manufaktura shopping mall &ndash - 3 minutes
  • Aquapark &ndash - 5 minutes
  • Botanical Garden &ndash - 5 minutes

The most important facilities in Łódź are at a walking distance: ul. Piotrkowska - less than 15 minutes, Manufaktura shopping mall - 10 minutes. Aquapark and Botanical Garden are in a 5 minutes distance by car. Poniatowskiego Park located near the investment allows various forms of recreation.

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The City Park housing estate offers finished apartments &ndash in A5 building and apartments in A3 building, which constitutes the last phase of the investment. They contain apartments from 32 to 81 sq. m., from 1 to 4 rooms. The majority of the apartments allow separation of a bright kitchen. 3- and 4-room apartments contain an additional toilet or wardrobe. High windows allow a lot of sunlight to all rooms. Each apartment has a sunny balcony or a terrace-like garden (ground floor apartments).

Apartments in the City Park investment mean:

  • Large areas for families with attractive prices
  • Sunny 2-room apartment with balconies and terraces
  • Spacious gardens for ground floor apartments
  • Bright kitchens
  • Living rooms and sleeping rooms shaped as square or rectangle for easier arrangement
  • Windows in two directions
  • Additional toilets in 3- and 4-room apartments
  • Windows viewing the monumental Łódź city centre
  • Video intercoms and all-time security

Fit-out standard

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- m2
Number of rooms
Details Premises specification
K1.0.4 Building A3 0 3 67,79 ToiletLift View
K1.12.49 Building A3 12 3 69,06 ToiletLiftBalcony View
K1.11.45 Building A3 11 3 69,06 KitchenToiletLiftBalcony View
K1.10.41 Building A3 10 3 69,06 ToiletLiftBalcony View
K1.9.37 Building A3 9 3 69,06 KitchenToiletLiftBalcony View
K1.8.33 Building A3 8 3 69,06 ToiletLiftBalcony View
K1.4.17 Building A3 4 3 69,06 KitchenToiletLiftBalcony View
K3.8.112 Building A3 8 3 71,80 ToiletLiftBalcony View
K3.7.109 Building A3 7 3 71,80 KitchenToiletLiftBalcony View
K3.6.106 Building A3 6 3 71,80 ToiletLiftBalcony View
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Sales Office Manager
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Sales Managers
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