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Śródmieście Wilanów is a complex of 6 prestigious multi-family buildings located in the central part of Miasteczko Wilanów. Four buildings have already been completed and constitute the best presentation of the investment. The last buildings, E and F, complete the project from the side of ul. Branickiego and ul. Gieysztora.

The investment is unique mainly because of its complexity, urban coherence of the entire project and top quality workmanship. The last apartments are planned to be delivered in 2016.

Warsaw, Miasteczko Wilanów, ul. Kazachska


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Śródmieście Wilanów is located in the centre of Miasteczko Wilanów - a district-like housing estate and the only urban project in Poland which was designed at such a large scale and complexity.

  • Walking distance area
  • City transport stops – 5-8 minutes
  • Shopping mall Wilanów (2017) – 5 minutes
  • Wilanów park and palace 8 minutes
  • School, kindergarten, post office, medical clinic 5-10 minutes
  • Veturilo bike stations 2-3 minutes
  • Orlik football ground, Wilanów beach, public playground 2-5 minutes
  • Shopping mall and supermarket – 5 minutes
  • Car access area
  • Warsaw city centre – 8 minutes
  • Ringroad S2 (2017) 3 minutes
  • Imielin Subway station Park&Drive 5-10 minutes
  • Cultural Park and Botanical Garden in Powsin 5 minutes
  • Konstancin resort – 10 min

The currently existing road and public transport infrastructure conveniently connects the area with all districts of Warsaw. A walking distance to shopping galleries, service and trade points at ground floors of buildings, hospital, private schools and public kindergartens, as well as daily care points for children allow the inhabitants to live their everyday life without the need to travel by car.

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Śródmieście Wilanów means comfort and prestige. Modern, spacious buildings surrounding internal courtyards contain comfortable apartments for the most demanding customers. The staircases are wide and elegant with portal entrance doors. Smoothed and painted walls, large wooden windows, terraces, balconies and gardens in the courtyard increase the feeling of comfort. The offer contains small (1 and 2 room) apartments, as well as bigger ones (3 and 4 room). Only in this investment, you receive Premium customer service included in the apartment price.

Apartments in the Śródmieście Wilanów investment mean:

  • A selection of areas from 40 to 105 sq. m.
  • Sunny terraces and balconies
  • Spacious gardens for ground floor apartments
  • Large wooden painted windows
  • Bright kitchens
  • Living rooms and sleeping rooms shaped as square or rectangle for easier arrangement
  • Windows in two directions – for better ventilation
  • Efficient and economic system heating
  • Full internal walls smoothed twice and painted
  • Elegant entrances to buildings and apartments
  • Video intercoms and all-time security

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Sales Office Manager

Sales Office Manager
  • Paulina Filonowicz
  • phone.: 515 163 674

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Sales Managers
  • Account Manager
  • Agnieszka Maziarz
  • phone.: 510 143 960
Sales Managers
  • Account Manager
  • Agata Narkiewicz
  • phone.: 515 115 128

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