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Stacja Kazimierz is a unique housing investment created at the Wola district of Warsaw. In the first phase, which has already been completed, only a few commercial premises are still available. The offer contains also attractive apartments from the second stage of the project, which is currently under construction with planned completion in 2017. The third stage is also available for sale, with completion date in the middle of 2018.

The investment area has been divided into phases, however, because of comprehensive spatial development and greenery concept, the customers can already see the design and the surrounding areas of the buildings.

Warsaw, Wola, Ul. Jana Kazimierza 29


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The investment is located at ul. Jana Kazimierza, in the very heart of Wola, a dynamically developing district of Warsaw.

  • Walking distance areas
  • Public transport stops – 5-7 minutes
  • Dworzec Zachodni (Western Station) – 10 minutes
  • Shopping mall – 8 minutes
  • Szymańskiego and Sowińskiego Parks – 10 minutes
  • School, kindergarten, post office, medical clinic – 5-10 minutes
  • Shopping mall and supermarket – 5 minutes
  • Car access areas
  • Warsaw city centre – 5 minutes
  • S2 Ringroad (2017) – 10 minutes
  • 2nd subway line (2018) – 5 minutes
  • Moczydło Park – 5 minutes
  • Blue City mall - 3 minutes

Fast development of the city and construction of the 2nd subway line makes it the best location at Wola and also in the entire north-western Warsaw. The housing estate offers good connections to the key districts of the city and is simultaneously isolated from noisy streets. In order to get to the Warsaw city centre using public transport, you need 15 minutes and if travelling by car - only 5–7 minutes. In the nearest future, travelling to the Centrum subway station will require about 10 minutes. There are four tramway lines and nine bus lines within the distance of 300 m from the housing estate.

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Stacja Kazimierz offers apartments with various areas from 35 to 106 sq. m. All apartments have balconies or gardens (on the ground floor). A large selection of 2- and 3-room apartments constitutes an attractive offer for people searching for their first flat.

Apartments in the Stacja Kazimierz investment mean:

  • A large selection of 2- and 3-room apartments from 40 to 90 sq. m.
  • Sunny terraces and balconies
  • Spacious courtyard gardens for ground floor apartments
  • Large wooden painted windows
  • Bright kitchens
  • Living rooms and sleeping rooms shaped as square or rectangle for easier arrangement
  • Efficient and economic system heating
  • Full internal walls smoothed twice and painted
  • Elegant entrances to buildings and apartments
  • Video intercoms and all-time security

Fit-out standard

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- m2
Number of rooms
Details Premises specification
5.C.1.36 0 2 41,54 LiftGarden View
5.A.1.01 0 2 41,54 LiftTerrace View
5.C.1.35 0 2 47,17 LiftTerraceGarden View
5.B.1.19 0 2 47,17 LiftTerraceGarden View
5.D.3.60 2 2 51,46 KitchenLiftBalcony View
5.A.1.02 0 2 51,80 ToiletLiftTerrace View
5.C.7.53 6 3 56,25 LiftLoggia View
5.C.5.47 4 3 56,25 LiftLoggia View
5.B.7.34 6 3 56,25 LiftLoggia View
5.B.5.29 4 3 56,25 LiftLoggia View
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Sales Office

  • Opening hours
  • Mon - Fri: 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
  • Saturday: 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Sales Office Manager

Sales Office Manager
  • Magdalena Filipczak
  • phone.: 503 182 208

Sales Managers

Sales Managers
  • Account Manager
  • Mariusz Warakomski
  • phone.: 782 888 865
Sales Managers
  • Account Manager
  • Paweł Kostrzewa
  • phone.: 515 115 132

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