Awards and certificates



Polnord SA was recognised at a Builder Awards gala as the 2015 Construction Company of the Year.


POLNORD SA named Most Buyer-Friendly Developer in 2014

Polnord SA was recognised by three renowned titles - “Gazeta Finansowa", and the “Home&Market” and “Gentleman” magazines, who named it the 2014 “MOST BUYER-FRIENDLY DEVELOPER.

“Recognition was given to those developers whose projects provided exceptional luxury and complete safety to the residents. These companies, in addition to their day-to-day business, carry out a business mission, and prioritise prime locations and reliable delivery of their projects“*

*“Przyjazny Deweloper - Raport Specjalny: Gazeta Finansowa, Home&Market,Gentleman”


Śródmieście Wilanów comes in second in the Best Project in Warsaw category

Polnord SA came in second in the Estate magazine’s “Best Development Project in Warsaw” competition. The recognition was given to Śródmieście Wilanów, a multiphase, high-end project being developed in Wilanów.

Śródmieście Wilanów is a residential development located in the heart of the Miasteczko Wilanów urban project. The quiet community, with highly meticulous architectural designs for all the buildings, utmost care taken in designing the green areas, thoroughly well-considered enclosed patios with safe playgrounds, functional apartment layouts and proximity to the Wilanów Palace and Park, the ever-expanding infrastructure within the community and proximity to downtown Warsaw are only some of the many positives of the community.


POLNORD SA was awarded a certificate of recognition for companies that support the Flat for the Young government programme.

POLNORD SA was awarded a certificate of recognition for companies that support the Flat for the Young government programme. These certificates are awarded by the MieszkanieDlaMł website.

The idea behind the Flat for the Young government programme is to provide support for young people purchasing their first home. On 27 September 2013, the Sejm passed the Act on Flat for the Young Programme. The programme provides assistance to young people (35 and under) looking to purchase their first apartment or house. The programme covers also those who are having their first home built, in the form of reimbursement of part of the VAT charged for the construction materials purchased by the investor.


POLNORD SA is a founding member of the Polish Association of Developers.

The PAD encourages the application of the Code of Best Practices in dealings between customers and developers, which were developed in collaboration with the Office of Competition and Customer Protection.

POLNORD – certified reliability

Since 2000, POLNORD SA has been consistently entitled to use the Developer Certificate, which is a testament to its professionalism and an assurance of reliability in its actions for its customers.

The Developer Certificate is awarded by the Polish Association of Construction Industry Employers (PACIE). The event is held under the honorary patronage of the Ministry of Infrastructure. An independent committee responsible for reviewing the application for the certificate takes into account primarily: the stability of the developer’s market standing, its reliability, financial assurances for the customers, financial standing and legal security. After a certificate is granted, the recipient company is monitored by the PACIE for two years. After that time, it may apply to renew the certificate for another two-year term. This option was used by POLNORD SA, when on 4 March 2010 it once again received the Certificate from the Committee’s representatives.


Urban Land Institute Award for Excellence

In 2008, the Miasteczko Wilanów community was among the esteemed finalists of the “Award for Excellence” competition of the international Urban Land Institute, finishing ahead of several dozen contenders from Europe, Middle East and Africa. The President of POLNORD SA, Wojciech Ciurzyński, was recognised for his leading role in implementing the project.

The Miasteczko Wilanów concept, authored by acclaimed architect Guy Perry, was recognised by international organisation the Urban Land Institute, which brings together developers, consulting companies, mayors and architects. The project was lauded for its massive size, lack of gates, cohesion in terms of the height and density of development, rich architectural design and targeting a variety of social groups.


Pol-Aqua named the best office building in 2011!

The headquarters of Pol-Aqua, Building B1 in the Wilanów Office Park complex, was named the best office building of 2011 in the 2011 Polish Architecture competition. The implementation of this extraordinary project was appreciated by renowned Polish architects and by internet users. The competition was organised by the esteemed Sztuka Architektury website.

The Pol-Aqua office building won two awards in the 2011 Polish Architecture competition. It came in first in a jury vote for Best Delivery in 2011 in the Office and Industrial category. The building was also recognised by online users, who named it third most interesting office project in 2011.


Green building: Wilanów Office Park is BREEAM-certified

BREEAM is the second most popular multi-criteria building assessment system. It was developed by the Building Research Establishment, founded in 1972, but the system itself was not developed until much later, i.e. 1990.

The multi-criteria building assessment system BREEAM makes it possible to certify office, commercial and industrial buildings.


POLNORD wins the title of “Ambassador of the Polish Economy”

Our company was recognised in the second edition of the “Ambassador of the Polish Economy” competition in the Partner to Foreign Companies category.

The coveted “Ambassador of the Polish Economy” title was granted to POLNORD SA in recognition of the sound business practices we apply in our dealings with foreign partners as well as our consistent and cohesive strategy.

The idea is to help promote Poland and Polish business on the international stage and cultivate the partnerships between businesses and representatives of Poland’s representative offices abroad, which are responsible for promoting Poland and the Polish economy.


Orły Polskiego Budownictwa (Eagles of the Polish Construction Industry)

POLNORD SA won first place in the 2009 “Eagles of the Polish Construction Industry” competition in the Development services category, thus confirming the top-tier quality of its service within the development sector.

The “Eagles of the Polish Construction Industry” competition is organised by independent organisations: the Trade, Industry and Service Association of Mazowsze, the National Board for Trade and Service Associations and Europa 2000 Consulting Sp. z o.o. The Construction Eagle Statues have been awarded since 2008 to outstanding companies operating on the Polish construction market, who have undergone assessment and evaluation and presented their accomplishments to the Jury. The competition is held under the patronage of the Minister of Transport, Construction and Maritime Industries.


European Medal

In 2010, POLNORD SA was awarded a European Medal for its development activities. This prestigious award is granted to companies whose high-quality products and services meet European standards.

This non-commercial, nationwide effort that is the European Medal is organised by : the Office of the Committee for European Integration, Business Centre Club and the European Economic and Social Committee - one of the most important institutions for business in the European Union. The purpose of the award is to support Polish products and services on the European market and to bring the concept of the European Union closer to the entrepreneur community.


Miasteczko Wilanów - officially excellent

In 2008, the Miasteczko Wilanów project received a global Award for Excellence for its sustainable urban concept and local community development, and the President of POLNORD SA, Wojciech Ciurzyński, was recognised for his leading role in the implementation of the project.

The Award for Excellence in City Planning, Urban Development and Sustainability is awarded by the International Society of City and Regional Planners (ISOCARP), which is a non-governmental organisation founded in 1965, recognised by the United Nations and the Council of Europe, and which has a formal consultative status with the UNESCO.

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