Deweloper Roku 2017

Company history


We are thrilled to announce that we gained as many as 1,251 new customers in 2014 alone. This is Polnord’s best-ever result!!!


We adjust our strategy to focus solely on the residential market. We launch a number of new projects, in particular, in Warsaw, the Tri-City and incrementally increase our sales.


We sell approximately 900 residential and commercial properties per year.


We begin work on the expansion of Śródmieście Wilanów, i.e. the central part of the Miasteczko Wilanów community.


We step up our development efforts in the residential and commercial segment. The Wilanów Office Park project is developed.


Our assets increase significantly through an in-kind contribution to Polnord of 90 hectares of land located in Warsaw’s Wilanów and participation in a number of special purpose development vehicles.


We sell to Pol-Aqua an organised part of Polnord’s business, which includes our general contractor branch, and from now on focus solely on our development business.


We expand our development activities on the Russian market, where we carry out residential as well as office and leisure projects in Novosibirsk and Saratov.


We are a founding member of the Polish Association of Developers.


22 February marks the date of our Warsaw Stock Exchange debut and accession into the prestigious club of listed companies.


We embarked on our property development journey by establishing the “Polnord Dom” company. During the ten years of its existence, the company became a leading developer in the Tri-City and in Warsaw.


We now operate under the name “Polnord”.


We begin our construction activities as the Office of the General Contractor for Exports “Północ”.


We are actively involved in carrying out construction projects in Poland and abroad, mainly in Germany.

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