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Complaint submission

Complaint covered by warranty

  • Reports of defects or flaws in residential or retail premises or common areas of a building covered under warranty may only be submitted online using this form or by registered mail using the report form -form available for download as a PDF file. The form is also available at any Polnord Apartment Sales Office nationwide. Polnord Sales Office employees are not authorised to accept construction defect reports.
  • Forms submitted by traditional mail should be sent by registered mail to: Dział Serwisu Polnord SA, ul. Śląska 35/37, 81-310 Gdynia
  • Receipt of electronic reports will be automatically recorded by the system and confirmed by email to the email address specified on the form.
  • Reports sent by registered mail will be acknowledged solely with a delivery confirmation provided by the Polish Postal Service.
  • An online defect report may only be submitted upon reviewing and accepting the contents of three statements featured directly under the form.
  • Once the form is sent (using the “Send” button), a report receipt confirmation will be sent to the email address (specified on the form) of the person who submitted the report.
  • Within seven business days from the time a duly completed online report or registered letter is received at the address specified above, a maintenance employee will contact the person who submitted the report in order to verify the accuracy of the information provided in the report and schedule a maintenance appointment for the unit.
  • Please note: When reporting a defect online, please do not submit in separate emails any pictures, videos or other materials to document the issue. Please provide them to the maintenance employee during his/her visit to your premises.
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