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Warsaw | Wilania & Wiktoria

Apartments for sale at Warsaw – Wilania & Wiktoria Mieszkania na sprzedaż w Warsaw – Wilania & Wiktoria

Investment description

Cosy housing estate in the royal district of Wilanów

  • Only 30 apartments in each building
  • From 2 to 4 rooms: 47 - 89 m2
  • Wide selection of sunny, corner apartments
  • Apartments’ height: 272 cm
  • Balconies up to 12.6 m2, gardens up to 34 m2
  • Sunny kitchens or annexes with a window
  • Spacious bathrooms

Luxury and design
The quality of the design is emphasised by high-grade, designer materials: a combination of natural wood, architectural concrete, and steel.

More than half of the housing estate are beautiful recreational areas. Birches, rowans, and maples will be planted among high, decorative grasses and blooming shrubs.

Warszawa, Wilanów, ul. Herbu Janina


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In the very centre of Wilanów
Wilania, Wiktoria and Wioletta are being built just 3 minutes away from the junction of Rzeczpospoliltej and Branickiego Streets. In 10 minutes you can reach the Imielin Metro Station, and with the 522 express bus line you get to the city centre in just 25 minutes. In future this area wil have a quick connection to Ursynów district and an easy access to the city bypass.

Perfect for families
In the immediate vicinity there are sports fields, large playground for children, as well as education facilities (nursery, kindergarten, and a school at Ledóchowska Street), and the Skarpa Ursynowska Nature Reserve and Kabacki Forest are just a few minutes away.

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Wide selection of floor areas
  • 2 rooms: 47 - 56 m2
  • 3 rooms: 55 - 79 m2
  • 4 rooms: 84 - 89 m2
Beautiful apartments
  • Wide selection of sunny, corner apartments
  • Apartment’s height: 272 cm
  • Balconies up to 12.6 m2, gardens up to 40 m2
  • Sunny kitchens or annexes with a window
  • Spacious bathrooms

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- m2
Number of rooms
Details Premises specification
B8.0.004 B8 0 1 32,01 KitchenLiftGarden View
B9.4.006 B9 4 2 47,39 LiftBalcony View
B9.2.006 B9 2 2 47,39 LiftBalcony View
B9.1.006 B9 1 2 47,39 LiftBalcony View
B7.1.006 1 2 47,39 LiftBalcony View
B5.4.006 4 2 47,39 LiftBalcony View
B8.4.005 B8 4 2 47,70 LiftBalcony View
B8.3.005 B8 3 2 47,70 LiftBalcony View
B8.1.005 B8 1 2 47,70 LiftBalcony View
B10.4.003 B10 4 2 55,69 LiftBalcony View
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Sales Office

  • Opening hours
  • Mon - Fri: 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
  • Sat: 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Sales Office Manager

Sales Office Manager
  • Paulina Filonowicz
  • phone.: 515 163 674

Sales Managers

Sales Managers
  • Account Manager
  • Agnieszka Maziarz
  • phone.: 510 143 960


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Stacja Kazimierz

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