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Apartments for sale at Warsaw – Neptun Mieszkania na sprzedaż w Warsaw – Neptun

Investment description

Neptun is a family friendly and safe housing estate in Ząbki. Located between Powstańców Street and Andersena Street. 

Apartments’ features:

  • Two-sided layouts
  • Large terraces and balconies, gardens 
  • Separate kitchens and sunny annexes
  • Walk-in closets
  • Video-intercoms

Please note that just by the estate, there is a bus stop of an express line providing a quick access to the SKM railway station (10-minute commute).


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Neptun housing estate in Ząbki is located 15 km from the Palace of Culture and Science (around 20 minutes’ drive by car). Important! Next to the estate there is a bus stop, which will allow you to reach the SKM raiway station in just 10 minutes. You can also use the express connection with the Rembertów PKP railways station and Ząbki railway.


25 minutes to the city centre 
Żołnierska Street was reconstructed. 4 lanes were created – all the way to Marsa Street. In addition, the construction of a byway from Marsa Street is planned for 2020.


  • Accessible by foot
  • Bus stops – 1 min
  • School, kindergarten, post office, medical clinic, swimming pool – 5-10 min
  • Forests and walking areas – 2 min
  • Shopping mall and supermarket – 15 min
  • Accessible by car
  • Centre of Warsaw – 20 min
  • M1 shopping centre in Marki, Promenada – 10 min
  • Centre of Ząbki – municipal offices – 5 min
  • New Żołnierska Street (quick access to the capital) – 1 minute

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Sales Office

  • Opening hours
  • In order to arrange a viewing of the apartment,
    please call the sales office.

Sales Managers

Sales Managers
  • Account Manager
  • Ilona Hasiuk
  • phone.: 663 970 700

Customer Service Office


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